Truckload is made up of Full-Truckload, Flatbed, Intermodal, and Less-Than-Truckload services to meet your cost versus speed transportation needs.

If you have freight shipping needs and don’t have time to research the expert knowledge necessary for effectively managing your transportation requirements, let the Family Freight Team at EXPRESS manage them for you. Our skilled group has years of experience working with freight shipping companies from all industries. Whether your freight is large or small, heavy or light, we can support your transportation needs.

You benefit by choosing the service level that matches your specific requirements.


Here we provide you with the best combination of pricing and service. We can also put partial shipments together on all equipment types, saving you substantial money on your truck freight rates.

TL services consist of:

  1. Service times from next day to 7 business days, depending on distance.
  2. Custom equipment – 48′ or 53′ vans, refrigerated trailers, flatbeds, etc.
  3. Air-ride, blanket wrap, and other special handling options.
  4. Appointments and notify-on-arrival options.

Advantages of TL:

  1. Lower cost – A truckload shipment will typically result in a lower cost per pound than shipping by other modes for larger shipments.
  2. Shortened delivery times – Depending on distance, a truckload may be 1 to 3 days faster than a LTL shipment.
  3. Minimized damages – With no other freight on the truck, and without multiple loading and unloading events, TL shipping can reduce the chances for damage.


Here we are able to offer a variety of trailer types to meet your needs that assist with your heavy freight shipping. We can provide tarps of any size, straps and chains to secure your freight, and assure its safe arrival.

Flatbed and decks services consist of:

  1. Standard Flatbed
  2. Flatbed Tarps
  3. Drop Deck/Step Deck/Single Drop
  4. Double Drop/ Low-boy
  5. Removable Gooseneck
  6. Flatbed with Side-Kit
  7. Conestoga Trailer

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Here we combine truck and rail services. Your truckload freight is picked up and delivered just like a normal truckload. However, in the middle of the route, the trailer will move via specialized railroad equipment instead of moving over the highway.

Intermodal services consist of:

  1. For shipments between 10,000 pounds and 45,000 pounds.
  2. For shipments moving over 1,000 miles and/or between major metro areas like Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, and Dallas.
  3. Service times between 4 and 15 business days, depending on distance.
  4. Custom equipment: 20′, 40′, 48′ or 53′ trailers or containers.

Advantages of intermodal service:

  1. Cost savings – Intermodal service can save up to 30% compared to standard truckload freight rates.
  2. Fully coordinated door-to-door service – Even though an intermodal shipment ultimately moves with multiple freight carriers over multiple modes, EXPRESS
  3. coordinates all the activity and combines it into one simple invoice.