A passion for progress is where you will find our people. At EXPRESS, we empower our employees and driver partners to come up with new and better ways of doing things, both for our customers and within our own business.

Below the management ranks, we have a valuable source of leadership. Our team frequently makes exceptional contributions when they perform as project leaders or team leaders, directing and facilitating the activities of small quality action groups.

It is management’s responsibility to encourage, recognize, and reward these types of efforts.

Significantly, creating home and family for good jobs and careers at EXPRESS is taken very seriously.


Our drivers stand out. Why? The best delivery companies demand the best training. We know that investing in our drivers is the key to providing total quality service. They are well-trained and detail oriented to ensure that your shipments are complete, accurate, and on-time.

If you can strap it on a skid, box it, bag it, or pack it in an envelope, our dedicated drivers are ready to represent your company every day of the year. From single package deliveries to multiple stop orders, you will receive the same professional service for every delivery. Simply put, we trust our team with the future of our business every day because we know they can be trusted to deliver your time critical delivery needs.

They are dedicated professionals who abide by and benefit from the following claims:

  1. Maintain a neat and clean appearance
  2. Proactively communicate
  3. Address special customer handling and paperwork needs
  4. Check shipments to ensure proper labeling is provided and that there is no damage
  5. Operate their vehicle safely and efficiently, complying with all governmental and corporate procedures
  6. Comply with T.S.A. and are insured, licensed and background checked
  7. Receive good pay and benefits


Any analysis of effective leadership must stress the importance of rewarding and recognizing people for good performance.

Saying “thank you” and emphasizing the favorable aspects of a person’s performance are extremely important. While it is certainly necessary to constructively address areas needing growth, good leaders always stress the positive.

At EXPRESS, we look to recognize our personnel based on specific results and behaviors. We just don’t give someone a reward for being “employee of the month.” We give them an award for delivering outstanding customer service when a particular problem occurred. This creates a culture of “doing the right thing.”

Good things are in store for you at EXPRESS.