Being a leader at Express Family of Companies comprises:

FlexibilityFunctions effectively in a changing environment, remains objective when confronted with many responsibilities at once, handles several problems at one time, focuses on critical items, and changes course when required.
IntegrityAdheres to code of business ethics and moral values; behaves consistently with Corporate climate and professional responsibility; does not abuse management privilege; gains trust/respect; and serves as role model in support of Corporate policies, professional ethics, and Corporate culture.
JudgmentUse logical and intellectual discernment to reach sound evaluation of alternative actions; bases decisions on logical, factual information and consideration of human factors; knows own authority and is careful to not exceed it; uses past experience and information to gain perspective on present decisions; and makes objective evaluations.
EmpathyUnderstands and pays attention to others’ feelings, needs, or ideas; treats each person as an individual; knows people and assists them with problems; and actively listens to others.
RespectHonors rather than belittles opinions and work of others regardless of their status or position in organization, and demonstrates a belief in each individual’s value regardless of each individual’s background.

At EXPRESS, leadership is highly dependent on the effective use of power and structure, decisive action, and the leader’s personal ability to be a positive force for their personnel.

Vincent Agostino
Founder | CEO

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As the Founder and CEO of Express Family of Companies, I am extremely proud to be the face of our incredible team. I am pleased to be responsible for our internal and external relations. I am responsible for establishing company goals and strategies and presiding over the entire workforce. I am also responsible for overall accountability to the company shareholders.

At EXPRESS, we believe in straight-talk, hard work, and results. We listen to your needs and custom-tailor solutions to help take your company to the next level. That’s our culture. That’s our promise. From top-to-bottom, everyone at EXPRESS is extremely dedicated to doing that little bit extra because we care.

I also want to speak to those candidates who are looking to establish home and family for their job or career with EXPRESS. If you have passion and care about pleasing customers in a fast paced industry, we want you to join our team.

And finally, I want to express just how extremely important all of our customers, employees and strategic partners are to EXPRESS. We realize without the one, we wouldn’t have the other.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Ashley Agostino
Controller | Risk Management

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As Controller and Risk Management at Express Family of Companies, I am responsible for coordinating, planning, and reporting on the financial activities of our family of companies. I set financial policies and oversee accounting, bookkeeping, risk management, and auditing departments.

At EXPRESS, we continue to maintain our high standards of business management. An important foundation for our organizational excellence is the continuous evaluation of processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability in reporting.

As we look to the future, we will continue to develop field activated management information systems (FAMIS) that deliver valuable, straight forward and accurate information. All backed by an intensive industrial engineering and customer support system. After all, helping you to work more collaboratively with your customers, suppliers, and partners is our goal. We aim to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your competitive position.

Count on the EXPRESS difference.

Vedran Vidakovic
VP | Operations & Sales

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As the VP of Operations & Sales at Express Family of Companies, our focus is to develop sales, drivers, agents, and carrier partner synergies of knowledge, security and adaptability that altogether serves our clients logistics needs completely, accurately and on-time.

In developing action-oriented strategies to expand our domestic markets, to identify and manage new acquisitions, to identify opportunities for growth, to leverage technology and to meet new challenges or take advantage of emerging opportunities for growth, which has never been so robust at EXPRESS.

Our customers expect a lot from us – and they should. At EXPRESS, we listen to learn. The successful creation and execution of our strategy requires multiple roles, good internal consultancies and processes but also the ability to make quick decisions. This means we are assessing strategic initiatives, at all levels of the organization, to ensure they are in line with our standards and objectives.

Or in other words, we get the facts on the table, come up with options, and evaluate such options and then recommend [the best] one to the business.

Matt McGill

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As the VP of MIS/IT of Express Family of Companies, I am pleased to tell you that I am responsible for advancing technology for our logistics organization.

At EXPRESS, we strive to advance total business initiatives and to stay on the cutting edge of technology. This includes defined business solutions that specialize in strategic planning, technology evaluation and planning, and complex business information synthesis.

On our site, you’ll not only find information about us, but also about what we do to support your shipments around the clock. Since our inception, EXPRESS has been devoted to providing customer value service through fast-easy-right technology that works around the clock. By combining our unique capabilities with promising new ideas and customer surveys, we’ll continue to develop smart solutions that deliver on-time, every-time.

So what’s next?

We’ll keep walking in your shoes so we can deliver the reliability you have come to count on with EXPRESS.

April Nouvel
Manager | Operations

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As the Manager of Operations at Express Family of Companies, our continuous goal is to provide you with the most reliable delivery network in the industry.

Strength and effectiveness are not determined by size and bigger isn't always better. That's why businesses looking to increase the value of the services they receive from their carriers are looking to quality mid-size companies like EXPRESS.

Our Team, from the top to our empowered frontline, is totally committed to making sure your shipping experience is truly exceptional at all times. We firmly believe that placing a shipment with us is just the beginning of our relationship with you. Since you've placed your confidence with us, everyone here at EXPRESS realizes that your satisfaction is the key to our future.

Led by best practices and customer driven objectives, EXPRESS is built for the kind of cost-effective and responsive service for which you are entitled. Let us put our experience to work for your business.

Understanding your business is our business.

Patrick Kays
Manager | Client Services & Marketing

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As the Manager of Client Services & Marketing at Express Family of Companies, we want to help you tap into creative solutions for building smarter, better connected delivery solutions. Our unending goal is to provide you with complete, accurate, on-time service ― every time.

At EXPRESS, connecting you with the top industry service providers for meeting your toughest delivery deadlines is a matter of routine. Managed by the “know-how” of our client services team, and powered by our state-of-the-art Service Enterprise network, first-class service options have never been easier.

Significantly, we are ready when you are and will create value for your organization and achieve results. Our solutions are flexible, sustainable, and technologically innovative.

So call us today to learn how Service Enterprise can provide unmatched efficiency and reliability for your toughest logistics needs.

Thank you.

Robert Perry
Manager | Routed

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As the manager of routed work, I am responsible for managing data to establish parameters and shift times for defining daily deliveries and scheduled stops and routing. The output – known as EX-Route Trace Instances, provides an outline of stops/sequences with a geographic representation of the path a vehicle is expected to follow so users can view the route and generate appropriate metrics.

Altogether, real-time accuracy and customer service is provided by our in-house mobile GPS EX-Tracking application. With real-time tracking of field activities, we can provide more accurate delivery windows, as well as notify customers of any unexpected delays.

Thank you.

John Yazembiak
Manager | Supply Chain

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As Manager of Supply Chain Solutions at Express Family of Companies, we understand that today's supply chain management must satisfy a wide range of interests. They have to carry out efficient transactions with suppliers and partners, provide customers with their desired goods and services, and ensure managers have needed information.

At EXPRESS, we work with you to construct a single, shared view of the supply chain that best works in harmony with your proactive decision-making. Helping you to work more collaboratively with your customers, suppliers, and partners is our goal.

Call us today to learn more.