ExTracking is the newest industry leading mobile GPS tracking application: built for you, by us. It is developed in house and completely customized by EXPRESS, for your benefit – That’s The Family advantage.

It is designed to give you complete visibility of your shipments from the time an order is placed, to the submission of the POD direct to your email. ExTracking utilizes the latest standards in mobile technology to bring you the most accurate information from any of your mobile devices on street level accuracy – every 60 seconds.

Not only does ExTracking give you control of your shipments, it is just as powerful working for you in the background. It gives EXPRESS the extra step ahead of the rest with live fleet management for quicker and more accurate load coverage – when you need it most.

This industry leading GPS application allows you to be in control of your freight 24/7/365.

ExTracking Features:

  1. Ping from driver to server every 60 seconds.
  2. Web-based control gives you access even on your smart phone, pad, work, and from home.
  3. Optional email alerts for load status updates and timed intervals.
  4. GPS accuracy up to 3 feet.
  5. Two forms of technology for reliability:
    • GPS – primary
    • Cell Tower Triangulation – secondary
  6. Control – multiple views and maps for your preferences.
  7. Direct messaging system from dispatch to driver.
  8. Driver options for up to the minute communication for: on-site at pickup | picked up | on-site at delivery | delivered | POD.
  9. POD upload gives customers the POD at point of delivery and the option to download from our site.