Today, more than ever, companies need to do more with less. And EXPRESS knows how important cost is to the success of your business.

You will quickly find out that outsourcing your time critical logistics to EXPRESS will provide you with immediate cost savings. Our experts will ask the right questions in order to evaluate your needs and to find the most cost-effective program for your business model.

You will benefit through the following cost savings:

  1. You gain a single-source solution for your just-in-time logistics needs.
  2. You save money with routing design, dispatch expertise, and technologies that are used to improve efficiencies.
  3. You reduce the costs and exposure associated with managing private fleets and/or warehousing.
  4. You gain the ability to adjust fleet size with fluctuations in your business using our on-demand delivery resources.
  5. You gain a dedicated team of trained, friendly, and professional management staff and dedicated drivers.

When you take advantage of these services, you are released from liabilities. These liabilities include a private workforce (e.g., accidents, injuries, worker’s compensation, etc.) as well as expenses associated with overages, shortages, and damages. You also eliminate your costs for recruiting and training. Vehicle and facility management have the added benefit of removing the capital expenditures and asset costs associated with owning your own vehicle fleet or warehouse.

EXPRESS is committed to improving your business model to provide the most cost-effective logistics solutions. In simplest terms, we put time and financial efficiency on your side.