Package delivery is only the beginning, and logistics has never been so full of opportunity at EXPRESS.

From the moment you book a work order to the moment your shipment reaches its destination, the experience can be as personalized and interactive as you want it to be.

At EXPRESS, we continue to invest in advancing technology to make your shipping experience fast, easy, and right. We call it value-amplified service. You call it convenience, efficiency, and the bottom line.


EXPRESS utilizes leading edge technology to best serve you and your customers. We operate under a fully-functional wide area network and a common front-end technology platform, a unique combination in our industry. To support this platform, our Internal Data Center (IDC) supports the company around the clock, allowing us to react to customer needs immediately. With both our Internet and Intranet resources, we have the tools and applications to manage and electronically exchange the information you need under real time. This enables you to manage your business from any point of origin to any destination.

Intranet Service Partner Relationships

You will be pleased to learn that with our Intranet resources, we have direct access to markets beyond our EXPRESS locations. Here, our qualified partners maintain tracking and delivery fulfillment updates through our Service Enterprise network. Altogether, our service partner relationships are backed by our reputation for service, and our technology advances. Therefore, you can be rest-assured that every one of your shipments will be complete, accurate, and on-time.

Order Us Around and Track Us Down with ExTracking

With EX-Tracking leading edge technology, you can quickly place your order on-line and track your order through to its destination. Our state-of-the-art dispatch system provides real-time tracking in the following procedural manner:

  1. Allows you to quickly and efficiently place your order on-line.
  2. Your order shows up immediately in our dispatch system.
  3. Our dispatchers quickly route the order to the driver.
  4. The system is immediately updated when the driver retrieves the order.
  5. The driver updates the system on site as the order is delivered.
  6. The system relays notification of proof of delivery to your email.
  7. Tracks your order from inception to proof of delivery and you can always be confident that your delivery is being handled by a professional driver that was fully screened.

At EXPRESS, expect more technology providing fast and efficient on-line ordering and real-time tracking. Expect more solutions with customized reporting and billing options. Expect more support from our professional staff and dedicated drivers who remain in constant contact with our customer service and dispatch teams.

So why wait? Pick up the phone and give us a call today or place your order on-line. Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Training Standards – People

We manage a full-scale training department dedicated to our personnel. The required areas of training include general awareness; familiarization training; function-specific training; and security and safety training. Ongoing service improvements are supported by best practices and quality action teams.

Our goal is to recruit the finest drivers who provide quality service. Quality service is defined as experienced drivers who are technically proficient in the final analysis. All transactions must be complete, accurate, and on-time – both physically and administratively.

With training and growth opportunities, we provide an infrastructure for advancement into management and agent partnerships. This prospect encourages our team members and employees to be dedicated, career-minded professionals.

Simply stated, EXPRESS understands the value of an organization that invests time and money in training its people well.

Training Standards – Information Systems

In our highly volatile, competitive environment, a regimen of recurrent information systems training is the only way to make sure the organization is modifying its operations accordingly, both for the company and its customers. The responsibilities placed on the shoulders of our personnel are truly staggering.

To ensure that we are meeting the trust of our customers and the public at large, each of us are dedicated to maintaining the highest possible security standards when processing information that interfaces with our customers.

To that end, all of us at EXPRESS understand that installation, maintenance, support, and upgrades must be performed on a regular basis. This is achieved through constant education and performance assessment.