What exactly is expediting?
Expediting is a special niche market in the transportation industry dedicated to time sensitive freight.
Are there any company owned trucks?
Yes, however, we contract owner operators as well.
Do I have to own my own truck?
While EXPRESS is comprised of many owner operators, there are opportunities for those who do not have their own trucks to drive for us directly or for Agent Partners.
Can I own multiple trucks?
Yes, EXPRESS encourages Agent Partners who qualify to take advantage of this. There are many additional benefits that Agent Partners are able to profit from within our system.
Isn't there a lot of down time in the expediting industry?
Just like any other area of the transportation industry, there are going to be times where you may have down time between loads. Expediting is no different in this aspect.
Where does EXPRESS operate in North America?
We have a large customer base coast to coast, providing excellent revenue potential for drivers. Our fleet picks up and delivers freight throughout all of North America.
Will I have a dedicated dispatcher with whom I will be working with every day?
You will have a dedicated team with whom you will work with on a daily basis. They will handle any of your issues, questions and needs.
How are owner operators paid?
Owner operators receive a negotiated commission percentage of the gross revenue on every load they take. Settlement checks are issued on a weekly basis, based upon customer bill of lading received.
How much money can an owner operator expect to make with EXPRESS?
The amount an owner operator can expect to make varies based on a variety of factors, the leading ones being vehicle type and number of loads taken. Contact us to reach a recruiter with whom revenue structure can be discussed.
Does EXPRESS pay for dead head miles?
Yes, we will pay you for dead head miles based on conditions of work order.
Does EXPRESS utilize forced dispatch?
No, of course your business will be more profitable with more loads, but we will never force you to take a load.
Am I limited as to when I can call dispatch?
No, our state of the art Routing Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
How much over the road (OTR) experience does EXPRESS require?
We prefer six (6) months of OTR experience for Class B and one (1) year OTR experience for Class A license holders.
How often am I going to have to load/unload freight by hand?
EXPRESS has an average of 99% no touch freight.
Does EXPRESS require safety equipment?
Do you have an orientation program?
Yes, we have found that drivers are more successful if they visit EXPRESS to learn about the company before taking any loads. Our one-day orientation program is mandatory for all new owner operators. The program helps to familiarize drivers with the company's operations and customer commitment, as well as important safety and regulatory information.
What kind of out-of-pocket expenses will I have?
The cost of your tracking application, personal protection equipment, doctor’s physical, drug screen, and insurance.
Do you offer a work accident insurance plan?
EXPRESS owner operators are required to have workers compensation or occupational accident insurance, depending on the regulations of the state in which they are based. Owner operators are responsible for providing their own workers compensation or occupational accident insurance.
How quickly can I be driving for EXPRESS?
After pre-qualification and orientation, providing that you have the necessary requirements, you can be driving for EXPRESS the night you leave orientation.
My question wasn't answered here, now what?
Please call us to speak with a recruitment specialist Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm [ET].

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