Launch your business with the enormous potential and full company support of our vast industry resources. Building and owning your own agent partner business at EXPRESS is an excellent career opportunity. Our driver partners have the opportunity to legally appoint other drivers to act on their behalf in accordance with our company and customer standards. As a result, driver partners have the opportunity, through their driver agent partner business, to earn leveraged income.

Our goal is to identify the best and brightest driver partners who have already provided quality service. Quality service is defined as drivers providing tender acceptance, GPS communications, safety, administrative compliance, and on-time communications and delivery.

To qualify, you must have the ability to secure late model reliable vehicles and professional drivers (combination of cars, cargo panel vans, straight trucks, tractor trailers, and tractor flatbeds). You will need to demonstrate past business and/or professional success (preferably, but not limited to the transportation industry) and the ability to manage a fast paced business to the high standards of our company and clients.

Start-up costs are minimal and anticipated profits are quick. With an emphasis on expansion and a rapidly growing customer base, it is never too late to take advantage of the logistics model designed by EXPRESS.